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What makes Halloween so special that moms take time to dress up their kids?  The candies, cute costumes and memories they can keep forever.

Awesome kids with their parents came to Boo-Time, last year’s Halloween party.  Tickets were sold out!  If we had true magic, we would have made our rooms bigger to accommodate everyone.

It’s always a challenge to make Halloween extra-special.

We introduced the “Tikbalang” to our amazed attendees through a story.  We also gave Brix, last year’s Junior Kadabra Cup Champion, exposure by having him perform magic to the delight of the kids.

Their expressions of happiness are enough to make our day.

Everyone (yes, even the parents) brought home loots—and we mean candies, drinks, snacks, prizes and a lot more courtesy of our generous sponsors.  Fun Ranch is truly a happy place because Kids Rule Here!


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