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Kids’ Summer Classes Expo

While the school year has not officially ended, you are probably thinking as early as now how you will keep your kids busy this summer. Family outings may be on top of your list.  What about summer workshops where they can discover and enhance their talents?

The Fun Ranch Summer Activity Fest helps parents scout for the best summer activity for their kids.  From sports, music, to the arts, we will try to cover all your interests so you can choose the best class for your kids.

As part of our promotion, we gave an incentive to the first 100 moms who preregistered online.  Those who made it to our list will receive a loot bag (gift pack) courtesy of our sponsors.  Winners can claim their gift packs at the registration area during the event.  Check if your name is on our list below.

abellera aivee lizette
Acaba Mary Elizabeth
Alforque Claudia
Araneta Cheddy Rose
Armas Evangelene
Batac Alodia
Bernabe Leslie Grace
bernabe dondon
Bolanos Czara Emily
Bustamante Sharon
Carbayar Jannet
Castellano Bessie
Chu Geraldine
Co Caryl
Damasco Charmaine Gaye
Dano Ma.Sheila
De Leon Marlene
del carmen rowan anne
Dilanco Jeanne
ejercito cristine elaine
ejercito angelito
Etoc Erin Marquisha
federico sheryl
Gaerlan Elma
Godoy Vanessa
gordo jan carla
Guray Abigail
Ilunio Janette
jimenez sherry lou
laura lina
Lingad Analene
Luminarias Michelle
Malabanan Ria Victoria
Mangoba Jenlyn
Mangunay Ligaya
manuel mariela
Maristela Christine
Marquez Pernita
Masilungan Imee
Medalla Phranczeska Nicole
Mercado Sebastien Luis
Molo Cindy
montenegro alma
Nota Malou
Olano Myra
Ortua Xerna
Otero Mary Jane
Oyos Denise Paul
Palma Sheila Marie
pasia miriam
pasion ellagrace
Pua Sherlyn
quimpo krystyna
Quitoriano Marites
Ramirez Agnes
Raymundo Sherrybe
Raymundo Kristian
Reyes Chato
Reyes Jalysa
Reyes Sherryl
Reyes Erickson
Reyes Summer Angeli
Reyes-Emeterio Liv
rodriguez maristela
Roman Czaroma
Roman Omar
Rose Ana
San Pablo Marlene
sicat katherine
Solomon Rosalie
Tan Ely Jane
thornburgh Mary
Tortilla Elena
totanes maridel
totanes jiamei
tuazon margie
Uytingban Rachel
Valdez Aida
Valdez Mary Grace
Villanueva Lizel
Viloria Ramin
Walters Christine
Walters Evelyn
Walters-De Guzman Cherry
yumul maria lourdes

We will ask for the email address you used to register so be ready with that information. Please note that we will only give one gift per registrant. If you registered twice, you will still receive one gift. Our apologies if we can’t give you more than one. As earlier explained, the gift pack is intended for the moms (or dads) who registered. Our next event will be for kids but that’s another story.


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