When A Sale is Really A Sale

By:  Ana del Rosario
Update on this Post:  Mommy Mundo decided to cancel this weekend's sale due to typhoon Glenda. Visit our Facebook page for the next schedule which will happen in August of this year.

I am not a shopping person.  As a Marketing Manager, I always get invites to kiddie events and bazaars for moms.  And even if I am the first to hear about a great bargain, I rarely leave the events place with an item bought from that event.  My friends say that I am the hardest person to sell to (except food!). But thank God for giving me friends and relatives  who shop for me and a daughter who constantly reminds me to update my wardrobe with a big PLEASE at the end of her sentence.  Without them, I would probably be owning hideous and outdated clothes for the rest of my life.

Facade of Sale

On the first day of last year’s Mommy Mundo’s Clearance Clearout Sale, I just shrugged my shoulders when my staff reported that mommies as early as 10:00 a.m. were already shopping and left the sale around noon with bags of items in their arms.


On the second day, it rained really hard.  And I told myself, “here goes the sale”!  Despite heavy rains,  shoppers kept arriving and left the room after an hour or two with their full eco-shopping bags.  Hmmm….

Wonder world of Toys

On the last day,  my co-workers spent their break time shopping and raved about the stuff inside.  Everyone’s “panic buying”.  What?!  There must be something in that room.  I went inside then the shopping bug hit me.

Goody’s Hair Accessories at 20-30% off.  If I remember correctly, I also received a sample product after my purchase.


Which statement romper best fits your baby?


Too bad I was not able to take a photo of Little Luee’s Locker’s jammies which I bought for only Php100-150 a pair.

Clearance Sale Flyer 2014

Mommy Mundo will be holding another Clearance Clearout sale this year from July 18 to 20 (part 2 in August).   Learning from last year’s experience, I will check out the sale items on the first day.  Home court advantage!  Join me this year and let’s explore the sale together.




Disclaimer:  This post/article is from the writer’s personal point of view and not of Fun Ranch.



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