Fun Ranch Partners With Oli’s Boxship To Promote Creative Play

Remember the days of creative play, when sticks would double up as swords, or be used as magic wands?  When boxes could be piled up to form buildings and skyscrapers could be built from building bricks?

Fun Ranch values creative play and tries to incorporate imagination-building activities in its playgrounds, through the use of tunnels, hanging bridges, and pretend-play houses.  Now Fun Ranch takes the wonder a step further by joining forces with Oli’s Boxship.  Oli’s Boxship provides creative craft-based boxed activities, by subscription, to help continue building children’s imaginations, even at home.  Every subscription will entitle each child to receive one surprise boxed activity per month, where he can build, learn, and play at home, for an entire year.

Learn more about Oli’s Boxship when you join this year’s Fun Ranch Egg-Citing Easter Weekend on Easter Sunday!  You may also check @olisboxship on social media.

Oli's Graphic


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