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Top 5 Kiddie Party Trends (as of February 2015)

Kiddie parties also have trends, just like clothes, shoes and bags do. Since last year, we’ve noticed that the trend is shifting from modern to vintage and handcrafted. Hence, we’re coming out with this list, our top 5 trends, to update and guide parents who are planning a birthday bash for their li’l ones.

1. Crafted Animal Balloons. Use your imagination to spice up your balloons! And we are not talking about balloon twisting, Mylar or sculpture, but characters that you can create by drawing body parts on a piece of paper, cutting and sticking those parts on your balloons. The rawness will make it unique and full of love!


2. Handcrafted Table Centerpieces. Why we love this? Handcrafted table centerpieces can work with or without balloons. You can also get creative and use them as containers for candies or any munchies for your guests while waiting for the program to start.

Chicken Feed centerpiece for a Farm themed party

Chicken Feed centerpiece for a Farm themed party

3. Fondant Birthday Cake. Gone are the days when we only enjoy Fondant Cakes during weddings and debuts. A number of parents now opt to have Fondant on their cake table because it “provides a greater range for decoration. With fondant, it is possible to attain a more refined and precise creation” (source:

Photo Credit:  Tyra's Cakeshope

Photo Credit: Tyra’s Cakeshope

4. Giant 3D Letters. The star of any birthday party is the birthday celebrator. Guests will definitely remember his name and his party.

Photo Credit:  Gigi Galisim

Photo Credit: Gigi Galisim

5. Food Carts. While we grew up with the old fashioned Cotton Candy, Ice Cream and Pop Corn carts, more and more food and beverage are being served and presented in children’s parties on a food cart. Even our well-loved street food Taho and Fish Balls are now part of the growing list.

food cart popcorn

If we missed something on this list, feel free to share it in the comments section.

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