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Ten Reasons Why You Should Hold A Birthday Party in Fun Ranch

Parents like us always get excited about our children’s birthdays.   We love planning for their parties and believe it or not, some start planning even before their child is born.  As we are in the business of celebrations, parents often ask us why they should hold their birthday parties with us.  We asked past clients even those in our employ for answers and came up with the top ten reasons why you should hold your birthday party in Fun Ranch.

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1.  WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED Talking to different suppliers add up to the hectic planning process of a party.  We are a one-stop party shop.  We have everything you need aside from food.  We can book a great host and magician for you, decorate your room and customize your invitation.  And if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can try and help you find it.

2.  KIDDIE THEMED AMBIENCE  What better place to hold your child’s birthday party than at Fun Ranch, with its kid-friendly attractions like rides and indoor playgrounds?  One look and you know it’s for kids.  Do keep in mind that it’s a child’s birthday party. Overview

3.  NO ENTRANCE FEE/ NO ROOM RENTAL FEE Food is a must in any party.  We want you to focus on what food to serve your guests and what you think they like.  We will only charge you for your food order and not for entry nor for the use of the room. 4

4.  THEMED FUNCTION ROOMS A fun looking room adds up to the excitement of guests.  Our all-time favorite themed rooms like barnyard, aquatic and sports give you the vibe you want for a fun and great celebration. We also have several themed backdrops and party decors.

5.  YOUR OWN PLAYGROUND Not all guests come on time and we call this “Filipino” time.  Kids can easily get bored while waiting for the program to begin.  With this in mind, we built a playground in our function rooms for your kiddie guests’ additional enjoyment. DSC_0083

6.  PRIVACY We know that you are sometimes obliged to do fun things during a party like singing or dancing.  That’s normal.  However, it’s embarrassing when there are unfamiliar diners watching while you bring out the child in you.  With this in mind, we let you exclusively use our function room so you can be what you want to be in the presence of your closest loved ones.

7.  YOU WILL NOT RUN OUT OF FOOD It’s hard to estimate the number of guests who will show up.  To rely on RSVP’s is an option but not reliable enough.  The best thing about an on-site kitchen is that your guests will never get hungry should more people than expected show up.  We always have more than enough stock of the usual kiddie party food. MainB Buffet

8.  THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT We’ve partnered with professional Magicians to entertain all your party guests.  And we mean ALL.  If invisibility cloaks do not appeal to you, an interactive Bubble or a jaw dropping Acrobat show will do the trick.  We have a long list of entertainers and continue to discover new talents.


9.  SECURITY You can entertain your guests with confidence because CCTV cameras are installed in every room while security personnel are posted at the door.  While in the thick of things, color-coded stickers can also help you identify invited guests.

10.  THE FUN NEVER ENDS! The end of your program is not an ending to a Fun Ranch celebration.  The party continues with our rides, indoor playgrounds and other activities for everyone’s enjoyment.  Outside is a one huge playground for kids!

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For a copy of our kiddie party packages, call or visit our

Website:  www.kidsrulehere.com
Download Party Packages:  http://kidsrulehere.com/party-packages.php
Telephone Nos.:  63 2 6872870 and 63 2 7066019 (Ortigas)
63 2 8369381 (Alabang)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/funranch


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